Christmas Cake…Iced and Decorated!

I baked my cake back in November (link to post). It is now time to ice and decorate it!

I cheated a little with the marzipan, I bought Dr Oetkers ready rolled marzipan! It is pre-rolled just the right size for an 8″ round cake.


However when it came to the icing I made my own Royal Icing, although I nearly caved in and bought Royal Icing Sugar! I used Mary Berrys recipe and I must say it came out lovely and white. I decided not to do anything fancy so rather than making it smooth I did it rough, like it was snow.


I couldn’t find any decorations for the top so just used some holly and berry sprinkles, I was going to attempt to pipe ‘Merry Christmas’ on the top but didn’t have a small enough nozzle!!! I also dusted on some Gold Lustre and added a red ribbon. I know it isn’t anything spectacular but I am very happy with it, especially as I didn’t have an awful lot of time to spend on it.


I just hope it tastes as good as it looks!


Christmas Jumper – Finished Yippee!!!

Well I did it, I managed to finish my jumper for #xmasjumperday. I am so pleased with how it has turned out.


I was convinced it wasn’t going to fit together when I sewed it up or that it would be too small, but I am happy to say it has come out fab, even if I don’t say so myself! I have to confess I had a little help from my mum, she knitted my sleeves for me!!

I added a couple of embellishments to my finished jumper:




I learnt many things whilst knitting this project and I won’t be knitting myself another garment in dk yarn for a very long time!!!

The pattern used was out of the Wendy Festive Knits Book (340). I used King Cole Glitz as my main colour and the White eyes, Hayfield DK with Wool for the Reindeer and Country Style DK for the dark brown areas.