First Night at College

So I went to college last night, I wasn’t the youngest, oldest or most newbish there!! There seems to be a good range of people, we’ll see how many turn up next week!! There wasn’t much practical so I can’t wait till next week when we might actually use our cameras 🙂

I am using a Canon 1100D with a 18-55 mm kit lens. I don’t have any other equipment but will be looking to buy a telephoto lens and tripod at the very least – hopefully I might find some bargains at The Photography Show on Sunday.

For our submitted piece of work we need to pick a theme…I have no idea what to do, wildlife, flowers, planes, animals, landscape…decisions decisions.

In the meantime we have to take some photos using the ‘Scene’ modes for our workbook. So I will be looking for photo opportunities all week 🙂 it is also a good excuse for some day trips, lets keep fingers crossed for some nice weather.

Happy Snapping!

Emma x


Back Again

So, I’ve not posted in a while, I have no excuse as I haven’t been particularly busy!

For Christmas my other half surprised me with a new DSLR, I have wanted to learn how to take better photos for some time and have looked into attending a course at the local college, but I really needed a DSLR to complete it, so this was a lovely surprise, I then enrolled on the Photography course which I am due to start tomorrow…eeek, I am both excited and nervous. I will tell you all about it once I have been!!

I also got a book and I have done lots of reading so, I have been practicing taking pictures but I don’t really know what I am doing!! I have been to the local park and took lots of pictures of trees, I am looking forward to the flowers coming into bloom so I can inject some colour into my photos. I have also been to the airport a few times, we first went at the end of December on a lovely sunny day and I have since been a several times, I just love watching the planes, although I do wish I was off on one myself, especially ones off to sunny Florida.

I am also going to the Photography show at the NEC on Sunday, I am very excited but there is so much to cram into the day, I hope I can see everything I want to.

I have done some more baking too, last week I made (well I used a boxed cake mix) for my hubbies birthday and I have to say they were pretty good 🙂 I also made some bread a few weeks ago, it tasted like bread but I think it could have done with more kneading as it wasn’t very light and airy!!

Hopefully I will post a bit more regularly from now one!

Emma x