My Cadbury Creme Egg Chocolate Brownies

I love chocolate, I love chocolate brownies and I absolutely love Cadbury Creme Eggs. You must have seen the Cadbury Creme Egg Brownie recipe which keeps cropping up, especially at this time of year. Each time I see it I think…I must make them…Well this Easter Sunday I did just that!

First things first…have I got all the ingredients? Into the kitchen and I went and found everything I needed except for eggs…normal eggs I hasten to add, I had plenty Creme Eggs! So off I went to the trusty Co-Op, the only shop which is open every day of the year (well except maybe Christmas Day). I hate being one of those people who cannot go one day without a trip to the shop…but needs must!

Now that I had my ingredients I set to it. I followed the recipe on Sweetharts Cakes and Bakes blog, go take a look if you like baking, there are lots of other yummy recipes.


First I melted the chocolate and butter, I decided to use a bit of Milk Chocolate as well as Dark chocolate, so I added some chocolate buttons out of an Easter egg!!


Then to mix the eggs and sugar until they were light and fluffy, once the melted chocolate had cooled it was time to mix in the egg/sugar mix, flour and cocoa powder…ta dah…ready to be baked. I didn’t have a brownie tin so I just lined a glass dish I had!!


After baking for about 20 minutes I added the Creme Eggs and baked for a further 10 minutes.


It looked absolutely yummy…however when I cut into it was still very gooey inside, so I put it back in the oven for another 10 minutes.

Not sure what went wrong but it was still very gooey in the middle…is this normal ?? It still tasted scrummy, and a few hours later when it had cooled even more it was a bit sturdier!! Maybe I was just being impatient and not cooling long enough!!! The smell in the house all afternoon was amazing too.

Happy Easter!

Emma x



My Anna Tunic…

After watching the Great British Sewing Bee last year I decided I wanted to sew something!! My mum donated her old sewing machine to get going on, she had bought a new super duper machine! I picked an Amy Butler pattern ‘Anna Tunic‘. As it was my first garment I didn’t want to spend a fortune on fabric in case it didn’t go well, after speaking to several people I paid a visit to TP Textiles, they have lots and lots of fabric at reasonable prices. I picked a pretty red fabric with flowers on.

My first job was to cut out the pattern pieces and then the fabric…with a little help!



The pattern instructions were easy to follow and understand from my perspective as a beginner and I would definitely use an Amy Butler pattern again. I also used some YouTube videos to help with some of the techniques I was unfamiliar with.

Anna Tunic


The tunic is lined and I even managed to top stitch my yoke so that it would sit flat, I also decided to cover my own buttons so that they matched the rest of the garment.


It took me a few months to actually finish my tunic as I only did a bit at a time!! but I am very pleased with how it turned out.

emma in anna tunic
Wearing my Anna Tunic for Afternoon Tea @ Cloud 23, Manchester

I definitely want to continue sewing and I have some fabric to make a skirt next, which should be quite a quick job as there are only 3 pieces!!

We have recently opened a Fabric room at Black Sheep Wools and I have my eye on some fabric…just not sure what to make with it!!

So watch this space.

What sewing projects do you have on the go? Have you any favourite patterns/designers you like best?

Emma x

Bonne Maman…

On a trip to the Trafford Centre today I stumbled upon a Bonne Maman stand. They are currently on a UK tour promoting their conserves, compotes and marmalades. I absolutely love their jams, I was given a money off voucher and 2 sample jars , they are ever so cute!!


After we had finished our shopping I visited the stand again and tasted the Confiture of Caramel…omg it was delicious…it had been extremely popular and there was only 1 jar left…so I snapped it up before it was too late!! I also bought a Lemon Marmalade.  I was given another 2 mini jars and more vouchers! I can’t wait to try them both, not sure what I am going to have the Caramel with…


Take a look at their tour and pop down if you are in the area.

Until next time.

Emma x

My Weekend…

Earlier this week I told you about how I was feeling inspired and started the 30 day shred, well I am up on day 6 but I have to confess I am actually only on day 4! I have had a couple of days where I have just not been able to fit it in, however rather than just give up I have got back into today, it is still difficult but I am hopeful that it will get easier…well level 1 anyway!!

I have had a busy weekend, on Saturday I was attending a Workshop at the Black Sheep Craft Barn, this also coincided with the opening of our fabulous Fabric Room. We were very lucky to have Stuart Hillard, the runner up of last year’s Great British Sewing Bee officially opening the room.


I then did the Basic Pattern Writing Workshop run by Sarah Hatton, Rowan Tutor and Knitwear Designer. It was a very intense day with lots of maths and no knitting!! However we did learn all the basics needed to put together a basic pattern and also adapting a pattern to suit your own requirements…it did leave me wanting to knit myself a garment just so I could put what I learned to use!

We have recently joined the National Trust, so on Sunday, although the weather wasn’t that great and there was a pretty good chance it would rain we had a ride to Quarry Bank in Styal.  I need to start taking photographs for my College project so I was hoping to get some great shots in the gardens.



Then for dinner we went to the fabulous Chaophraya in Manchester…the food is Amazing, if you’re a fan of Thai I would definitely recommend this place, it is slightly pricey but it is worth every penny. To start we had Steamed Dumplings and Scallop & Black Pudding Salad, the black puddings are delicious and melt in your mouth. For Main we had Weeping Tiger & Rice Noodles (hubby) and Panang Beef Curry & Sticky Rice (me), I also asked if I could have it more on the mild side and they were very happy to accommodate my request 🙂 and finally for desert I had Poached Pear in White Wine & Sherry with Meringue and Ice Cream…yum yum yum


I hope everyone else had a fun filled weekend!

Emma x

Feeling Inspired…

heinz 5 beanz

By a tin of beans you ask ?!

After reading my friend Hen’s blog I am feeling inspired to do some exercise! I have already seen the results when Hen did this previously.

I already do Slimming World but am currently stuck in a rut, a pound on here a pound off there by nothing much more so I need a kick up the bum!!

After a long day at work, followed by an evening at college I was too exhausted to think about anything other than food and my bed so I put off my workout!! I did however Google ’30 day shred’ and was delighted to find it was available on YouTube, you can also buy it on Amazon for £5 if you prefer an actual DVD! It is a 20 minute workout which I think is quite manageable and should be easy to fit into my day somewhere.

So,  when I got home from work I decided tonight was the night, out came my trainers, 2 tins of beans (I have no dumb bells!!) and off I went. I am totally unfit, eventhough I usually walk at least 1 mile a day after a couple of minutes I was done in…but I persevered and managed to complete the 20 minute workout. I can definitely feel it in my arms and legs.

Will this be the first and last time I do this or will I be able to keep it up…watch this space…

Emma x