Planes, Planes and more Planes…

Sorry I haven’t been around much, not a lot has happened to blog about!!

I took a trip to my favourite place today (well the one after Disney and more importantly is easily accessible from home!)…Manchester Airports Runway Viewing Park!! Now don’t think I haven’t been for a while, I have visited most weekends…taking advantage of the lovely weather we are having.

If you have never been to the Runway Viewing Park, and you like watching planes I would highly recommend it. It is free to get in however you do have to pay for parking…£3 an hour. If you walk or cycle then it is completely free.

There is a restaurant, restrooms, take away shop, childrens play area and bouncy castle, picnic tables, there are also planes to look around; Concorde,Nimrod, Trident Three, Avro RJX and Monarch Dc-10.


There are several raised viewing mounds which put you above the wire fence so you can get some great shots of the planes landing and taking off. The majority of the time they are taking off right in front of you and when they land they go right past on their way back to the terminal, I have only been once or twice when they have been going in the opposite direction.

Most of the long haul flights take off in the morning so if you want to see the bigger planes you need to come before lunch. Also the Emirates A380 lands at about midday…however it is quite frequently delayed!!!


There are always lots of short haul flights taking off and landing…


My favourite plane is the Virgin Atlantic 747 which takes off at approx. 11am going to Orlando…my favouritist (is that even a word!!) place ever!! I was lucky enough to to see two VA planes on this visit…one was just landing from Orlando (VS073) and one going to Orlando (VS075).



A website is Flight Radar 24…it is a flight tracking service which provides real-time info about thousands of aircraft all around the world. It gives you details about plane and flight…There is also an app which is great for  tracking planes on the go!

That’s all for now…

See you soon Emma x