Hello!!!…And New Knitting Projects

Well Hello…I bet you’ve forgotten who I am I haven’t written for weeks!

I have finally picked up my needles again…it must be the weather, now it has gone a little colder it feels like the time to knit!


I started one project which I am going to give as a Christmas present…it is a lacy pattern which is something I have every only tried once and didn’t eally take to very well. I am hoping this time I can crack it…or it may end up being thrown against the wall!!!

The second is something for me…it is going to be warm and snuggly for the coming winter months.

My third project is something I started earlier this year…but I didn’t get very far with, once this is finished this will be nice and snuggly too.

I will reveal all in a future post when I have more to show!

What is everyone else knitting or crafting at the moment…is the weather inspiring you to pick up your needles.

Happy Knitting

Emma x