Cosy Chunky Cardigan

A while back I showed a peek of some yarns I was planning on knitting with…well one of them is well on its way to becoming a fully fledged garment. I am ashamed to say the other…well there is a good chance it will be abandoned. It is a lacy shawl and I have never really mastered Lace and I don’t think I have the patience to keep going.

The cardigan I am making is a Hayfield Chunky with Wool pattern (9699), however I decided to knit it in James C Brett Chunky with Merino as it is a much softer feeling yarn than the Hayfield Chunky and my aim is to make a snuggly cardie that I can wear on the cold winter nights which I am sure we will soon be experiencing.

PicMonkey CollageIt has been a pretty easy pattern to follow, although I did make a stupid error! The pattern is for a Waistcoat and Cardigan so the instructions say to follow Waistcoat until ** I then forgot to go back to the Cardigan instructions and ended up with a super, super long and wrong shaped front!! I pulled it back and it was still too long…third time lucky I got it right. Luckily this yarn was very easy to pull back and re-knit with. I also changed the pockets, rather than knitting the pocket front and sewing it on at the end I incorporated it into the fronts, this was a technique I learnt on the Professional Finishing Workshop I  did last month.


I would definitely recommend the Chunky with Merino yarn for a cosy sweater/cardigan or even a blanket…but that’s another post!! It is lovely and soft, very easy to knit with and knits up quick.

Hopefully, I will be able to show off the completed Cardigan soon 🙂

Emma x



Walt Disney World Here we come…

Woohoo, we’re off to Disney World…twice 😀


We booked a trip for June next year back in May this year…I found a fab Villa and did not want to miss out on the dates we wanted so I booked it!! It will be the first time we have stayed in a Villa…I have always been put off due to the location…miles away from Disney and everything else we enjoy, but then after some googling I found this one…perfect location, right next to Walmart and across the road from somewhere we regularly stay.

2012-12-31 17.05.57-1

But June….it is such a long time off, I don’t think I can wait that long…especially since we’ve not been since January 2013…it would be two and a half years…I know lets go this year …just:D

I have always wanted to go in January 2015 a it will be our 10th Wedding Anniversary whilst we are there and what better place to celebrate your wedding anniversary…after all we did get married there in the first place! We will be enjoying the delights of Victoria & Albert’s at Disney’s Grand Floridian. This will be our fourth visit to V&A’s…it is expensive but definitely worth it.

wdw park montage-1

I’m off to plan our trip 🙂 My favourites sites are DISBoards and WDW Info.

Look out for more Disney inspired posts over the coming months!

Emma x

Who knew painting could be so fun!?!

So I had been planning on painting our Kitchen for quite some time…and I happened to mention this to my Mum a month or so ago…well she loves decorating, she’s even painted her garage!!


Isn’t she creative ?

So a few weeks ago we decided that would be the weekend as I had booked a long weekend and she was off on Monday. So first thing was to choose paint…how  difficult can it be…very it turns out. It was a yucky yellow colour so I wanted something brighter and cleaner…blue or green, I got some tester pots and proceeded to paint a bit under the stairs (that way it doesn’t matter how long it took to get round to actually painting the kitchen…testament to the number of different colours under the stairs is!!) but this time it was really happening so I picked Duck Egg and Spa…I really liked Spa so off I went to buy the paint only to find that this particular colour wasn’t available in Kitchen paint…only bathroom…back to the drawing board then! Finally, (the day before we were due to start) I picked Guava Green from the B&Q Colours range.



So Friday and Saturday were my prep days, ready from my Mum turning up on Sunday morning. I took the living room curtains down, washed them, cleaned the living room…even under the sofa!! Then I decided I might go into town…anything to put off cleaning the walls, ceiling and top of the cupboards…who actually cleans the top of their cupboards? (Or is it just me…or not). I cleared up the breakfast dishes, swept and hoovered the floor and then went and caught the bus into town.

I got myself a Latte and Black Cherry Fancy from Costa, I then went to Carphone Warehouse to enquire about the new iphone…25 minutes later I came out having pre ordered my next iphone…cue big grin!! Just have to wait a week for it now. I then wandered around for a bit longer until the next bus. When I got home I finally started in the kitchen…first job was clean to the top of the kitchen cupboards…omg it took me about 3 hours and lots of elbow grease to get them sparkling…lesson one clean top of cupboards at least several times a year! I washed the walls above the cupboards then tackled the ceiling. By this time I was shattered, had sore arms and a cricked neck. Time for tea.

Next morning up I got, raring to go…but first a trip to the airport was in order! Eventhough it was overcast it was a very warm day, when I arrived it was to see the planes landing and taking off in the opposite direction, something I haven’t seen for quite a while. It gave me a chance to get some great front on nose shots as opposed to the back end shots I usually get, plus I was nearer to them landing. Went home and did some more cleaning in the kitchen.

Sunday morning my Mum arrives and off we go…she did the ceiling and I did some sanding and filling in some holes. The kitties had to be shut out otherwise they would have walked in the paint and who knows what else. Although we did have a visitor…next door but ones Kitten Ant or Dec (they have 2 and I am not sure which is which so we refer to then as Ant or Dec!!) he wandered in and then went to play with our kitties for a bit, then he decided to come and help us…well we had to give him a bit of a wash otherwise the neighbours might think they had the wrong cat, daft cat rubbed up against the newly painted green wall!!! What with that and my Mum dropping a paint brush full of paint on the floor and tripping over her trousers I never knew painting could be such fun!!

Lack of before photos for this post is down to the fact that on the Saturday I subsequently went and traded in my old iphone…I then realised I could use my iPad, hence the after piccies 🙂



I found some nice knick knacks for my shelf



I am really happy with my newly painted kitchen…My mum wants to know which room we are doing next!!

Emma x