Disney Challenge

I am off to Disney in a few weeks (21 days to be precise!!), although I really wish I was there now at the 24-Hour Summer Kick-Off Celebration, I have the Live Stream of Main Street, U.S.A on and it looks a glorious sunny day. To cheer myself up I thought I would do the Disney Challenge that I have seen on a few blogs I follow.

Here are my answers:

1- First time you went to Disney World? September 2003 for 2 weeks, we tried to do absolutely everything!!

2- Favorite park? Magic Kingdom

3- Favorite land in Magic Kingdom? Fantasyland

4- Favorite Disney resort hotel? Grand Floridian

5- Favorite snack? Waffle Sandwich from Sleepy Hollow

6- Favorite souvenir? Scrapbook & Scrapbooking Accessories

7- Favorite table service and counter service? Shula’s Steak House at WDW Dolphin, Plaza Ice Cream Parlour

8- Favorite ride? Toy Story Midway Mania

9- Favorite show? Muppet Vision 3D

10- Favorite parade or fireworks? Motor Cars & Stars Parade

11- Favorite pavilion in Epcot? France

12- What color is your magic band? Red with White Polka dots šŸ™‚

13- Favorite character to meet? Eeyore

14- A character you havenā€™t met but really want to? Gaston

15- Your best Disney memory? Getting Married at the Walt Disney World Swan and later walking through Downtown Disney on our way to Fulton’s Crab House in my wedding dress..I didn’t want to take it off!!

16. People you want to tag. Leave a comment on their page letting them know that you tagged them. Natalie’s Mostly Disney Blog, Second Star to the Right, Unlocking the Magic, Wandering in Disney, Ā Disney for Five+, Ā Disney on my Mind

I would love to see yourĀ answers, let me know if you do the challenge.

Emma x