Plane spotting…

The weekend before the Easter Bank Holiday we had glorious weather…it had been a while since it was sunny and hot ☀️.  I decided to take myself off to the Runway Visitor Park at Manchester Airport.

My favourite planes are the Boeing 747 and the Airbus A380, luckily both of these come into Manchester Airport, in the form of Virgin Atlantic and Emirates.  Virgin Atlantic has also recently launched some new routes; Boston and San Francisco, although these are on the newer Airbus A330.

As I arrived the Emirates A6-EEA was just taking off, heading to Dubai.

Next up was the VS75 to Orlando, Jersey Girl (G-VGAL), we’ve been on this plane a few times ourselves 🙂

20 minutes later VS73 to Orlando, Miss Sunshine (G-VRAY) took off too…this flight doesn’t usually leave until lunchtime, and it was an Airbus A330 rather than the Boeing 747.  I’m not sure if it was due to the new routes and also the fact that there is also a Las Vegas flight on a Sunday.


It was a busy day for Virgin, G-VBGR took off for San Francisco and G-VXLG to Las Vegas.

Anyone else like plane spotting?!

Emma x



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