Photography Show @ the NEC

Well, I attended the Photography show at the NEC today, it was an early start, I wanted to arrive for doors opening at 10am. I had planned to attend loads of seminars (too many to actually fit in really!) before I went, but in reality I only managed about 4! There was sooooooo much to take in :S  and I felt a bit of out my depth…all these people walking around with their super duper cameras and lenses and me with my pretty good camera and kit lens…with no  idea what to do!! I tried to pretend I had a clue.

I attended the Mollie Takes sessions ‘Getting to Know your camera’ and ‘Project Photography’, I picked up some tips which I will be able to use when I photographing products at work.

My favourite part was the IGPOTY Garden…they had made a real garden complete with snow machine…in my earlier post where I went to college I mentioned I was going to need to pick a ‘theme’ for my submission of work…I am starting to thing I might pick flowers…well plants, flowers and trees! It is the ideal time of year to show green shots bloom into a gorgeous array of colours. There are several gardens around my local area as well as the park where I live.

I had also printed some of my previous shot photos out and taken them down with me, I booked a 121 critique with Clive Nichols (Flower and Garden photographer…he wasn’t too harsh…he gave me some good feedback and even seemed a bit impressed with 1 or 2 of my photos 😀 so I was very happy with that.

Here are just a few photos I took in the ‘garden’…



I then bought myself a new telephoto lens 😀 and took a few more…



I can’t wait to test out my new lens at the airport…not sure if I mentioned but I love going watching the planes…I am such a geek, I even have an app so I can see where they are going/coming from!

It has been a long day, time for me to sign off…

Emma x


First Night at College

So I went to college last night, I wasn’t the youngest, oldest or most newbish there!! There seems to be a good range of people, we’ll see how many turn up next week!! There wasn’t much practical so I can’t wait till next week when we might actually use our cameras 🙂

I am using a Canon 1100D with a 18-55 mm kit lens. I don’t have any other equipment but will be looking to buy a telephoto lens and tripod at the very least – hopefully I might find some bargains at The Photography Show on Sunday.

For our submitted piece of work we need to pick a theme…I have no idea what to do, wildlife, flowers, planes, animals, landscape…decisions decisions.

In the meantime we have to take some photos using the ‘Scene’ modes for our workbook. So I will be looking for photo opportunities all week 🙂 it is also a good excuse for some day trips, lets keep fingers crossed for some nice weather.

Happy Snapping!

Emma x